Tom Stahl at work on his Powermatic 3520B lathe in his basement workshop. Tom has been a woodworker for over 50 years as a hobby. After retiring from corporate training management in 2011, Tom spends most of his time in the workshop or on the golf course. 

He is a 7th generation woodworker on his mother's side.

About Us



Stahl Bowls was founded in 2005 in Fairfield, OH as an outgrowth of a 40 + yr. hobby of clock and furniture making.  The segmented bowls were a happy accident resulting from a clock spindle supplier going out of business.  The need to have 4 walnut spindles for a large Eli Terry clock resulted in early attempts at using a long neglected wood lathe.  While researching on the Internet a small 13 piece "segmented" bowl pattern was discovered and tried.  A new passion was born and now over 3,500 bowls later a fine crafts business is flourishing.  "Stahl Bowls" have spread around the world with pieces in Italy, Germany, England, Japan,  Australia, China, Costa Rica,Sweden, India , Peru, and Canada.

Tom and his wife sell to the public at 12-14 Fine Arts and Craft shows each year - mostly in the Mid-Atlantic states.  See Home Page for Show Schedule.