Question: How do you make these bowls?

Answer: Segmented turning involves taking "segments" (small pieces) of  different types of wood and assembling them in layers or rings and then lathing them into the desired shapes one layer at a time.  A typical piece will have dozens, even hundreds, of pieces of wood. Sometimes veneers inlays are used to enhance the item.  I try to work within a .002" tolerance when cutting the segments. 

Question:  How long does it take you to make one of these bowls?

Answer:  Obviously, the time varies with the particular item but in general it takes between 8 and 30 hours spread over 3 weeks.  The more complex pieces can take up to 50 hrs over 4-5 weeks. 

Question:  Can I put food in these bowls?

Answer: Absolutely!  I use a durable and food safe finish that can handle most foods (except hot items.)  Treat your bowl like furniture and not plastic dinnerware and you will have no problems.  They are NOT microwave or dishwasher safe.  A simple washing with soap and warm water
followed by a thorough drying will allow your bowl to last for years.   

Question:  If I wanted to have a custom piece made, how much lead time do I need to give you?Answer: I like doing custom work but the time frame depends on my travel and show schedule and the time of the year.  I usually need 3-4 weeks to complete a custom piece unless the customer has special requirements. 

Question:  Where do you find the exotic woods?

Answer: I use approximately 36 different species of wood from 5 continents.  I am able to get most of them from wood specialty stores like Rockler or Woodcraft, but I occasionally will buy wood from the various Internet suppliers